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"We have made no secret that we really enjoy the work of Mary Iverson, both for its environmental questions and overall aesthetic, and enjoyed traveling to Singapore with her earlier this year and participating in a lecture with her. Now, the Seattle-based artist will open up Sunk, a new body of work at Davidson Galleries in her hometown, a series that challenges both globalization and its consequences. As she explains, "the capitalist system wagers the needs of a growing population against the stress the environment can bear. My work raises questions about the ultimate destination for all of this growth.", November 7 2013

"In Moscow (2013), the gilt onion domes of the city peek out from the rising water, buffeted on all sides by a bevy of buoyant boxes—whose colorful, candy-toned appearance is about as unexpected as Putin sauntering the city streets in clown shoes, making for work that is both visually arresting and shockingly effective."

-Suzanne Beal, Art Ltd Magazine, November 2013

"In her hands, the containers have a life of their own, vibrating against each other and sometimes leaving the port altogether, landing in such unlikely places as a river running through Yosemite National Park or the vast, dry scrub of the Palouse. It's the gridlines transecting these juxtapositions of nature and industry that create such an unsettling vibe, as if someone is mapping (or orchestrating?) the landscapes from afar - a team of alien surveyors or maybe a James Bond supervillain. The result is art as apocalyptic as it is appealing."

-Brangien Davis, Seattle Magazine, May 2013